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Monday, 4 January 2016

Three paintings sold

San Giorgio Maggiore
Another part of the good start to the year, three paintings have just sold to a buyer in New York; "Late Afternoon, Bacino Di San Marco", "San Giorgio Maggiore" and "Spring In St James's Park". 
"Late Afternoon, Bacino Di San Marco" was largely painted as a painting demonstration at the Edinburgh Festival a few years ago 18" x 36" oil on board. "San Giorgio Maggiore" was painted after my first visit to Venice 27" x 27" oil on board. "Spring In St. James's Park" was one of a large series of small paintings undertaken when the current recession hit 12" x 12" oil on board.
Late Afternoon, Bacino Di San Marco

Spring In St. James's Park


  1. Would your new York buyer also be interested in two new York scenes I own? Central Park lights (original oil on canvas) and 42nd and vanderbelt (limited reproduction print)

  2. Hi David, I regret not, he wasn't interested in my New York paintings, it was mainly Venice!