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Tuesday, 18 February 2020

The Vampire of Rio de la Veste - stage 1

This will be the last Vampires of Venice painting for a while as I need to get back to my The Big Sky series of American landscapes. I thought that I would try a different monochrome colour this time ; it's a mix of Indanthrene Blue, Ultramarine Violet and Permanent Orange thinned with Liquin and applied with a rag and brush. I'm still looking for that old movie still look with the Vampire a bit closer in the doorway at right. Hopefully when/if I come back to this series I will have a slightly different way of doing them as I like to move on and not repeat myself...
Rio de la Veste is in the San Marco Sestiere of Venice but a lot quieter here than the area near St Mark's Square etc.
Oil on linen 16" x 12".

Monday, 17 February 2020

The Vampire of Ponte Storto

Following on from "Santa Croce" where the figure on the bridge would have been too small to work with I decided to try it coming closer in to another bridge (named Ponte Storto) this time. I have placed the figure centrally and at the apex of the bridge but everything else is asymmetrical to balance this out - even though the Vampire is small he is given more prominence by where he's positioned.
Although the bridge of Ponte Storto is real I have moved things around and changed it quite a lot for compositional reasons. I want these Vampires to be only half materialised as though they come from another world, this one has just noticed you.... run for it!
All these paintings in the Vampires Of Venice series are influenced by black and white photography from the 1930s and the German Expressionist films like Nosferatu although I am trying to be a bit subtle about it as well. I might indeed try later on a scene more like Nosferatu with the buildings etc at crazy angles... or is that being a bit obvious?
The whole picture was painted using a single mix of Burnt Sienna and Winsor Violet thinned with Liquin and applied in a series of transparent glazes, the transparent paint gives it a quality that I don't think you can get by using opaque paint as the white of the canvas shows through it all I guess giving it a quality nearer to a film still which is kind of appropriate.
Oil on linen 20" x 16".
There is a short step-by-step progress through this painting in previous posts on this blog.

Wednesday, 12 February 2020

The Vampire of Ponte Storto - stage 2

Basically just adding more layers of the Burnt Sienna/Winsor Violet mix with a rag and brush. I reckon it's time for the Vampire to go in tomorrow...
That vertical line of light was going to be a distant light on background buildings but I might keep it as something weird going on in the distance - I'll have another look at it tomorrow morning to decide.

Magic Night and The Lost Cathedral sold

Magic Night
A good friend and his wife have bought two paintings, "Magic Night" and "The Lost Cathedral". 
"Magic Night" started life as plein air painting on mdf board the location being near Isfield in Sussex UK. Originally a daytime painting when I got back to the studio I thought that I would change it to a night time picture so I darkened areas and put in a full moon in the sky. Then a few years later I decided to give it a more magical feeling so I darkened it a bit more and added a trail of tiny green lights in the middle distance field hoping to suggest the possibility that there could be fairy folk around.
"The Lost Cathedral" is a nod to Caspar David Friedrich, the title being a nod to a piece similarly named by Debussy called "The Engulfed Cathedral".

The Lost Cathedral

Tuesday, 11 February 2020

Santa Croce

This was originally intended to be another "Vampires Of Venice" painting but I realised that the figure of the vampire that was going to be on the bridge was going to be too small to work with so I decided that it would be nice just to do it as a moody Venice painting. Anybody that has walked the back streets of Venice at night will recognise this kind of scene, quiet and still no lights in the windows and the bridge lit by a single light, looking in fact like all of Venice at night, like a stage set.
I have just realised that it also looks like an old canal in a run down Northern UK town at night, somewhere I would not be walking around at night by myself as opposed to Venice where I feel pretty safe... if it wasn't for these damned Vampires!
Santa Croce is a Sestiere of Venice where this is located.
Oil on linen 16" x 12".
There is a short step-by-step progress through this painting in previous posts on this blog.

Monday, 10 February 2020

The Vampire of Ponte Storto - stage 1

While "Santa Croce" dries I am getting on with another Vampire of Venice painting, this one actually follows on from the previous one in that I was going to have the Vampire on the bridge but realised that it was too small and far away to be able to get in a Vampire so this time I've come in closer to the bridge. The location is Ponte Storto but anybody that knows this area will see that I have changed a few things for compositional reasons particularly at the left of the picture. I want the Vampire to be kind of spectral and only partly there as I think it's creepier that way, just trying to decide at the moment if the figure is at the right size to the bridge... This was actually quite tricky to draw up and will look more logical when I paint in the posts and balustrades at the far side of the bridge although I was thinking of composing it like a still from a German Expressionist film like "Nosferatu"in which case the angles would be crazier - maybe do that for another one.
This was first "drawn " up with a small bristle brush using my usual mix of Burnt Sienna and Winsor Violet thinned with Liquin.
Oil on linen 20" x 16"

Saturday, 8 February 2020

Santa Croce - stage 3

A couple more glazes have been added of the same colour mix as before, maybe two more layers of glaze should get it to the level of darkness and contrast that I am looking for. The next Venice painting will have a vampire in it again!