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Thursday, 11 February 2021

Naomi Gold


Well this painting didn't go the way I intended at the start! I was planning to do a low-saturation limited palette painting with looser more expressive brushmarks... ha!  I think the problem was I didn't choose the right subject, as I progressed through the painting it became obvious that this would not suit a portrait of a beautiful smooth-skinned woman, it was much more suited to a craggy male so at some point soon I will have another go at it with a male subject. A self portrait?

This is a second attempt at painting a picture with this title, the first one I aborted a few years ago as it looked so terrible. I don't mind how it's come out if I forget what I actually set out to do, it looks a bit more painterly than normal but.. 

The model is the lovely Naomi Wood who I paint a lot as I have so many great shots of her to work from, maybe when this pandemic is over I will get her to my studio and paint from life for a change... I quite like the background which was achieved by pushing transparent paint around so I guess I've learned something from this one!

Oil on mdf 12" x 12".

There is a short progress including what colours I used through this painting in previous posts on this blog.

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