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Monday, 15 February 2021

Crepuscolo San Polo

 About halfway through this painting I noticed a theme that I could develop into a series so this is probably the last of these trial paintings. I liked the ambiguity of the light at the end of the passageway, was it bright sunlight streaming through the buildings, was it a very bright streetlight (unlikely all Venetian lights are quite subdued) or was something else going on up there? Something magical, something sinister? I realised that I could maybe extend my Venetian Vampires series in this direction but more importantly this could form a new series that I am probably going to call "Magic Light" in that I can try this out in landscapes as well as urban situations - a mysterious light source in an otherwise relatively conventional setting. If it can look kind of magical without going too much in a Fantasy direction that would be great.

This was originally going to be about light, design and atmosphere using thicker paint on the square format that I am returning too (and indeed painting on board again) but fortunately kind of by accident I may have stumbled on a theme that I can develop.... without trying new things out I probably would never have got here.

Oil on mdf 12" x 12".

There is a short progress through this painting including what colours I used in previous posts on this blog.

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