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Thursday, 3 September 2020

Ayasofya - stages 2 & 3

 Please note I am now using the Turkish spelling for the Hagia Sophia Mosque in Istanbul. 

Stage 2 was a second pass on the tonal underpainting in this morning's session to give me a better idea of what I'm intending to do with this one. I used the same paint mix as yesterday.

Stage 3 was the first colour pass on the sky in this afternoon's session. As you can now see this will be a tonalist night painting and I'm hoping to keep the colours subtle, in fact I was surprised when adding Ultramarine Violet helped to tone down the sky which was looking too colourful. I might decide to kill the saturation a bit more, I will decide over my breakfast coffee tomorrow morning. Colours used were: Prussian Blue, Ultramarine Violet, Phthalocyanine Turquoise, Emerald Green, Permanent Orange, Lead Tin Yellow Lemon, Naples Yellow and Zinc White.

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