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Tuesday, 12 January 2021

Sky Landscape Artist Of The Year

 I can now reveal that I was a competitor on the Sky Landscape Artist Of The Year competition taking part in the first heat at Chartwell in Kent. I was originally a Reserve for any of the main competitors that didn't show up but unfortunately they all did so I was shunted into the Wild Card competitors! The main competitors had a much better vantage point than us Wild Cards so I had to make the best of what I had to work with. I was disappointed with what I came up with in that I should not have used my usual studio method of painting and should have adapted it to the plein air situation as it really needed an extra pass of colour to start looking as to how I intended.

The programme starts at 8.00 on Sky Arts channel on 13 January, I should be in in the first episode... if I'm in it! Blink and you might miss me!

It was however a great day out in the middle of miserable 2020 as it was a glorious Summer day and myself and Rich Newman who kindly drove me over to Chartwell really enjoyed watching the filming and stayed until quite late to watch who finally won the heat. We were very impressed with the organisation and professionalism of the the crew so all in all a grand day out!

I will enter this year and hope to do better if I get in...




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