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Monday, 14 January 2019

While The City Sleeps

This is a follow-on picture from the last and have used much the same colours but made it more like it is lit by the light of a full moon. It's Venice of course, an old favourite that I have painted many nocturnes of over the years. I'm getting happier with the look of what I'm painting now, I want them to look like a painting not a photograph and have been trying to follow the mantras stuck to my easel as I have gone along (see previous posts about the mantras!).
I painted in all the colour and finished it in one day, yesterday, as I didn't want to overwork it.
The title actually refers to a short movie I shot in Venice a few years ago, a bit Don't Look Now using the dimly lit alleys and bridges as the settings. Venice at night actually looks like a stage set anyway and highly recommend a walk around Venice at night particularly away from the San Marco areas.
I have one more painting to do following on from this one and then I guess it's time to think about the big commission!
Oil on linen 16" x 12".

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