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Saturday, 19 January 2019

Full Moon Over Cuckmere Haven

Finally dry after three days I have been able to scan it and post up the finished painting. I have returned to a favourite landscape, the iconic Cuckmere Haven in East Sussex on the South Coast of the UK. Based on a blue/orange colour complementary there is a single tiny spot of orange light where the Coastguard Cottages are at the mouth of the river although orange was used throughout the painting to moderate the colour and saturation of the blues. The light of the unseen moon is reflected in the nearest curve of the river meander. I painted all the colour in two sessions over one day as a way of preventing myself overworking and putting too much detail into the picture, a trait I'm trying to subdue!
When I've finished "Pulborough", the painting I'm struggling with at the moment, I will call a halt to these small paintings and get going on a large commission. If I have the time I might post up an overview of all what I've learned from this series...
Oil on linen 16" x 12".

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