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Thursday, 10 January 2019

Oliver's Island

Once the tonal underpainting was done the day before I painted the whole picture in two sessions yesterday to avoid overworking. This is the second time I have painted this location on the Thames near Strand On The Green in West London although I was more concerned about the colour, design and atmosphere than a topographical painting. I was going to have a few small lights on the river shore at left with reflections on the water but I decided against it as that is what is normally expected in this kind of Whistler-influenced painting. This series of small paintings trying things out is nearing the end now as I think I have worked out how I can tweak the way I paint things to be nearer what I'm looking for. I will need to do another one or two more as I need them to enter some UK competitions in the so called world of "Fine Art". There are not enough buyers in the IX bubble to sustain the number of artists working in this area and I need to make sure I maintain contact with the "Fine Art" market as I had been just about making a living in this area for fourteen years before I got involved with IX and have kind of neglected it over the past few years. I will bring over what I have learned from this series into the IX work as well and need to get on with my IX commission very soon but I needed to get this out my system first.
Colours used were Prussian Blue, Phthalocyanine Blue, Kings Blue Light, Ultramarine Violet, Permanent Orange, Unbleached Titanium and Zinc White - all Michael Harding paints.
Oil on linen 16" x 12".
The earlier stages of this painting can be found in previous posts on this blog.

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