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Tuesday, 22 January 2019

IX 2019 Commission

I am delighted to have received an IX 2019 commission for a large painting to be shown at Goggleworks in Reading PA in October. This is a chance to really go for it in terms of expressing something personal with gusto and putting my work in front of a wider audience within IX and beyond. Patrick and Jeannie Wiltshire are gradually amassing a collection of large commissioned pieces that will be exhibited (I think they have already started) around the USA and beyond to promote Imaginative Realism to the wider public and art collectors who may not be aware of this kind of art. 
I felt that I needed to up my game a bit in terms of how I paint before undertaking the commission to which end I have produced eighteen paintings over the last tree months since IX 2018 trying things out, kind of tweaking the way I do things. Some have worked, some haven't, such is the way when experimenting but I have learned some new approaches and technical ways of doing things too like I have discovered some great brushes for painting clouds and changed the way I do the underpainting for instance.
I have now stacked them all up together in my studio in chronological order bottom to top and I am going to absorb what I've learned from them and start thinking about what I'm going to do for the commission itself.

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