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Thursday, 22 December 2011

The Brushwork of Scott Burdick

Born 1967 in Chicago, Illinois Scott Burdick credits Bill Parks at the American Academy of Art for his knowledge and enthusiasm and by the looks of it, a lot of things that I would love to know about colour! He then went on to study at the Palette and Chisel Art Club where he met his wife Susan Lyon, another very good artist; they share a website (a very large and compehensive one!) where there is a large painting archive of both of their work as well as details of books, videos etc.
Of particular interest to me are the paintings where he shows the brushwork by photographs that progressively approach nearer and nearer to the picture surface to a point where they become lovely abstract pieces in their own right. I love the rich, creamy colour and the way that it has been applied to the canvas. Personally I have'nt been able so far to deal with thick paint application and always end up applying it in a way that is more natural for me, thin and a bit smeary! I guess that this may be an interesting point, one should by all means try different approaches but in the end one hopefully arrives at something that is natural to oneself but informed by the different roads taken along the way!
African Colours

For a closer look at Scott Burdick and Susan Lyons work visit their website:

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