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Thursday, 1 December 2011

The Big Sky - The fifth day

I now have most of the cloud shapes sorted out but worried about the three-dimensionality of it. The nearest level of clouds need to have more volume painted into them for the sky to start working. Tomorrow I make the choice between applying the thin red ochre wash and then carrying on with sorting out the clouds as I will have a better idea how the "glow" is working or
holding back on the wash until I am happy with what I have so far. I have at least realised that to give a sky air and volume, you have to think of it in layers one in front of the other and then try and differentiate one layer from another by using colour and tone in what is known as Aerial Perspective, which is quite apt really!
I want the whole painting to have a very warm feeling to it with dark, rich colours in the landscape - this also undecided at the moment! It was going to be a tiny figure on a seashore but I am tempted to have the figure walking along a path along an escarpment similar to my local landscape The South Downs in the UK.

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