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Thursday, 8 December 2011

The Big Sky - ninth day

Oh dear....I have decided to knock this one on the head and move on.  Paintings seem to have a mind of their own, sometimes they almost seem to paint themselves and other times it is like walking through treacle. At least I have learnt things from this, as indeed one seems to learn something from every painting. I think the size proved to be one factor; because it was a large (to me) painting I felt pressured to make it work somehow to justify the scale and time spent on it and was'nt able to relax and enjoy it. I have also realised that you still need big shapes just as in small paintings to give it a dynamic composition. I somehow got bogged down in too many small shapes and consequently the sky looks too bitty. I also really don't like the composition as to the relationship of the landscape to the sky either so all in all, leave it be.  Maybe one day I can come back and rescue it......
So it's on to the next one - "Here Comes The Night".

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