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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

I Win a Prize! - The Venice in Peril Exhibition

I went to the private view last night of the Venice in Peril exhibition at the W.H. Patterson gallery in Albemarle Street, London and was delighted to find out that I had won a prize for one of my paintings "Fondamenta de la Preson".
Fondamenta de la Preson
The prize was The John White Memorial Prize for the best picture in the show and took the form of a silver plate which is having my name engraved on it before I pick it up in a couple of weeks time - I have to give it back next January though for the next winner! While I was there I met Elly Evans, the lady that had bought one of my paintings at the previous year's show.  After talking with her for a while I was called away to receive the prize during which time she made a snap decision on the spot and promptly bought this one too - good for her!
Elly Evans and the painting

Receiving the prize


  1. It's a lovely painting, congratulations!

  2. A great start to 2012- Really happy for you Mark. It was great to be at the exhibition to witness you receiving the prize.

  3. Hi Rich, nice to have you with me, I had no idea at all about any of this. In previous years I have gone to these events, stuck around for a few drinks and sloped off anonymously for the train home.....

  4. Great stuff, Mark – you're really on a roll at the moment! Lovely atmosphere you've captured there.

    1. Thanks Geo! Not sure if the roll is rolling any more as I heard today that I did'nt get any into the Royal Society of British Artists exhibition despite having all three entries pre-selected. Perhaps anonymity is round the corner again!