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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Give Me Shelter - First Day

This is the start of a companion painting to "Here Comes The Night" the location being on virtually the same spot on Hove seafront. Incidentally I must mention here that a gallery owner said that it is always a good idea to think of paintings in pairs as in his experience a potential buyer will often buy both paintings if they have sufficiently fell in love with one of them and have seen them hanging together. Also it means, as has happened to me, that when one sells a painting it is typical that somebody else comes along who also wanted to buy it; well this time you already have a similar painting that may well suit them available for sale.

This will be another intensely coloured painting with a brooding dark blue sky with some dramatic dark clouds on the right of the picture. I bought myself James Gurney's book "Color and Light" for Christmas and was particularly struck with his system of combining colours he calls "Gamut Mapping" but due to my choice of high saturation on this painting I'm not sure if I can apply it in this case. The colours will be based on a blue/orange complementary axis bringing in reds and yellows with some sort of green in the seafront shelter paintwork. The plan is to be pin sharp for the foreground shelter and then the background recedes into a softer and  more painterly resolution, much the same way that "Depth of Field" works in photography. 
I'm slightly panicking about the distortion of perspective on the shelter but seems neccessary due to the viewpoint (and vanishing points) being so near to the ground. Still, should have some fun tomorrow when it comes to laying in some colour....

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