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Monday, 23 January 2012

Brown Trousers Day - My first painting demonstration

I had a message arrive last night on my answerphone reminding me of my forthcoming art demonstration at the Fair Oak Art Society on the first of February. Needless to say that I had completely forgotten about this, so after a panic-stricken five minutes of feverish, sphincter-tightening confusion I rang the person who was the organiser desperately hoping I could wing it to sound like a professional artist enquiring about a few last minute details that I was'nt sure about. Fortunately it turned out that it was being held near Eastleigh not far from Southampton which I reckoned I could get to by train as I have no car and indeed can't drive.  I had agreed to do it when I was demonstrating at Art in Action last year in a moment of possible hubris on my part as I have never done this before as a solo performer as it were. 
   So I have agreed to do an oil painting demonstration in front of about 35 people; they have an easel, all I need is paints, brushes etc.....and to bring some paintings to show what I do. Luckily I have arranged instead to go there in Cliff Wright's van who has kindly offered to drive over so I will be able to take everything I need and then some. We have decided to make it (weather permitting) a Grand Day Out, taking in a bit of The New Forest and a hopefully luxurious cream tea in a cottage tea house of choice - I will pay for the petrol....and the cream tea of course!
    Now I have had a chance to think about it for the demonstration I have decided to take over another landscape painting of Cuckmere Haven that I have pre-painted in acrylic as far as the underpainting in Van Dyke Red stage. This means that I can start straight away in oils and get as much done as I can in the two hours and have a print to show (like cookery programmes that show "something I did earlier") of the finished painting of the earlier Cuckmere Haven picture which it should closely resemble. By painting a scene that I have done several times before I can hopefully give myself a chance of being able to paint in front of all those people without making a complete fool of myself as at least it should be familiar to me, including what colours to use etc.
I'm still going to wear brown trousers though........


  1. Squit! If you video it, you could put it up on your website for everyone to watch?

  2. Hey Mark, that sounds like a great opportunity for you. You will be fine - good luck!