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Saturday, 7 January 2012

Artists & Illustrators magazine - February 2012 issue

Current issue
I was delighted to see that "San Marco Snow" has been chosen as the "Picture of the Month" in the "Portfolio" feature in the current issue. It is great that they have given it a whole page and also that it has reproduced well as I often find that the files that I supply to magazines etc come out on the dark side and despite my screen being calibrated I have to darken it further to attain a more accurate reproduction - the iMac's screen is set way too bright for professional use! .....and I have just noted in the small print that I've won a Da Vinci watercolour brush box set and a Winsor & Newton half-pan metal sketchers box!              


  1. I didn't realise that you had this in the magazine.... thought it was just on the website. Looks great and a whole page. Well done mate! I must renew my subscription!

    1. Yes it was very nice of them to give it a page - still waiting for my watercolour box etc....