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Sunday, 11 August 2019


This is the second recent painting that was in my Roadside America series but this series has now morphed into "Roadside Apocalypse"...I think I will expand on this in a separate post.
This one is based around a yellow/violet colour complementary with some guest greens and reds. Although I was originally going to paint these with thicker paint I have reserved this just for the focus of the painting, the foreground building. Everything else is painted in a softer way with thinner layers of paint. This gives the building a three dimensional quality as it stands out from the background. I quickly decided to not paint the clouds in thicker paint as they are more mysterious this way and need to recede to the background, thicker paint would have brought them nearer.
OK I will leave it at that with this one and expand and explain the "Roadside Apocalypse" in another post as it covers quite a lot of different elements that need to be  put together in a coherent way....
Oil on linen 20" x 16".
There is a short step-by-step progress through this painting in previous posts on this blog.

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