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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Quiero's Street, Fort Cochin

Finished the painting today. It basically looks like when I first started sketching this location before the thunderstorm arrived and it all went dark and rather wet! These trees are very characteristic of the ones that grow all over Fort Cochin, providing a lot of shade from the hot sun and a certain amount of shelter from the rain. I'm glad I put the rickshaw in on the right as I think it helps the composition and echoes the the lead-in lines of the dappled light in the foreground. The central building incidentally is an Ayurvedic clinic, the buildings at left are antique shops. Fort Cochin is a very quiet, laid back place that provides a welcome respite from the full-on, chaotic experience that is the rest of India! This painting will feature in my forthcoming article about gathering reference for paintings when abroad in Artists & Illustrators magazine, probably the July or August issue. 18" x 18" oil on board.

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