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Sunday, 28 April 2013

Quiero's Street, Fort Cochin - stage 5

After being away for four days I managed to get a good day's work in today. The dappled light on the foreground is pretty much finished now and made a start on the rickshaw. I also felt that I wasn't getting across the feeling of the shade provided by the tree's wide canopy of branches and leaves so I took the tree right across the top of the picture on the left as well as making the farther tree larger and wider.


  1. Hi, Mark,
    I grew up on Quieros Street in Fort Cochi(n), till I was about 12. I have the fondest memories of the area and would love to see more photographs and paintings on your website.

  2. Hi Roshni, nice to hear from you! It's a lovely quiet part of India isn't it in Fort Cochi(n)? Nice place to grow up! My only has seven paintings so far from my trip to India last year so please have a look at it but there are no photographs on there, just paintings.