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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Florence from Giardino Bardini - First day

Charcoal drawing
Prussian Blue acrylic
After the relatively complicated work on "Under The El" I fancy doing something more vague and romantic. The view that I have chosen to do of Florence from the garden of Villa Bardini is potentially extremely complicated but in my mind's eye once I have established an accurate layout of where everything is, the painting will be about the twinkling lights on a misty night with some moonlight reflected on the River Arno where the bridge is. I am going to keep the cityscape very vague with many lights shining in the blue mist with the looming presence of the Duomo in the distance. I remember how the Duomo is by far still the dominant building of the skyline of the city, much the same as it has been for centuries. The first picture is of the charcoal drawing, the second of the Prussian Blue acrylic painted before the Prussian Blue thinned down oil that has been applied with a rag in the third picture. The application of the underpainting with a rag is a recent development resulting from my experiments for the RA Summer Exhibition entry which I have discovered to be a quick way of getting the tonal colour down quickly.

Prussian Blue oil

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