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Friday, 11 September 2015

Sailing Into Byzantium

A ship approaches the harbour of Constantinople in the misty morning light, the rising sun catching the highest golden domes of the fabulous city. On board is the Emissary of the Court Of King James to present himself to the newly appointed Sultan. Gathered in the harbour are many other boats from European courts all vying with each other to further their influence with the new power to extend their trade in exotic spices, silks and other goods that come here via the The Silk Road from far away Asia.
Another Orientalist painting heading for Illuxcon, this time an imagination of the capital of Byzantium (I just love the name). I have made the city taller and larger as well as moving things around and giving the harbour a protective wall. I wanted it to be warm and colourful based on an orange/violet colour palette although it has come out a bit subtler and softer than how I first envisaged it.
Oil on canvas 23 1/2" x 19 3/4". There is a step-by-step progress through this painting in previous posts on this blog.

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