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Monday, 28 November 2011

Jeremy Lipking ...and the Colour Green

Nymphe du Bocage

At The Door


Diaphanous Gown


Reclining Nude Figure

Flor de Muertos
Born in 1975, Jeremy Lipking has quickly gained a reputation as one of America's foremost Realist painters, being compared to John Singer Sargent and Joaquin Sorolla - well I would'nt go that far but I do love his controlled use of colour and tone. He has a great way of using green for example, with his compositions sometimes seeming to be just about placement of areas of colour around a figure, also beautifully painted of course. There are many videos of him demonstrating his painting methods on Youtube as well as a dvd and book which can be purchased from his website: Check out his blog at

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  1. Lipkin's paintings are beautiful - I had a look at his site etc. Very inspiring.