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Saturday, 4 March 2017

Seven paintings sold

At The End Of The Day
A nice lady in New York has just bought the following seven paintings through Artfinder:
"At The End Of The Day"
"Drive Thru"
"Lucky Dogs"
"Mardi Gras World"
"Siren's Cove"
"Tram Stop"

"Lucky Dogs" and "Mardi Gras World" are paintings of New Orleans based on shots I took  in 1994 when I was there for a World Fantasy convention. ""Tram Stop" is of an imaginary city somewhere in Europe in an undetermined decade. "Drive Thru" is based on reference photos I took in Chicago in 1991 when attending a World Science Fiction convention. "Siren's Cove" and "At The End Of The Day" are completely works from the imagination, "At The End Of The Day" being used on the cover of my latest book "Dreamland". "Drive Thru" was a finalist in the 2016 Artists Of The Year exhibition at the Mall Galleries in London organised by Artists & Illustrators magazine and won a prize of £500 worth of digital printing by Gemini Digital Colour.


Drive Thru

Lucky Dogs

Mardi Gras World

Siren's Cove

Tram Stop


  1. Congratulations. Is this the most you have sold at one time? The most for me was 5 in one day last autumn when I exhibited at a local chateau wine open day. This year has started off well for me with one sold through Artfinder and one last week through the Bircham Gallery in Norfolk. I feel a bit sad when I sell a pece of work especially if a painting has been on a wall for a couple of years.

  2. Hi Neil, yes it's the most I've sold at one time! I find there are long gaps of many months on Artfinder when you hear nothing and then voila a sale comes along, mind you I get a number of false alarms too when I agree to an offer and then they never come back! I don't get attached to my paintings these days, I like to see them go to a good home because I have no wall space here for them!

  3. Excellent ! Well done ! I thought I was doing reasonably well when I sold five large prints last year in a PV ! I've never sold more than two paintings at a time - so I take my hat off to you ! Keep up the good work : ) }

    1. Thanks Chris! Only ever sold a couple of paintings at a time at the most before this!