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Thursday, 5 May 2016

The Faery Queen abandoned

I regret that I am not happy with how this painting has been going and to cut my losses by spending any more days on it I have decided to stop working on it. The gold leaf was quite difficult to get onto the linen and when I had finished I just realised that there were too many things bugging me about it; I don't think the mix of real and stylised was working (it has to be one thing or the other), I don't like the hard edges which is a look harking back to how I used to work which I don't like any more, the gold leaf didn't have a nice look to it, I didn't like the tree or the moon and wasn't even happy with the colour!
So I was on a hiding to nothing. I need to reconnect with what I am about and what I'm best at, this isn't it.
The photo above is as far as I got, a shame but ......


  1. Thank you for posting this. File it under "ones that got away". I wish more artists would be as honest about their failures.

    1. It's not possible for every painting to work out, not for me anyway!