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Tuesday, 21 January 2014


This has been painted for inclusion in Mike Pfifer's "Lands And Legends" book to be published this year. I chose Angkor for my painting as I went there in 2011 and have been meaning to do a picture  of it for some time and this provided the ideal opportunity. I chose to paint the Angkor of people's imagination, temples overgrown with writhing tree roots within dense and mysterious jungle and have actually combined elements from three temples; Banteay Srei where the tree roots have been left to writhe over and through the buildings and Angkor Thom and The Bayon where the towers of the multiple faces of King Jayavarman look down in an enigmatic even sensual way over the temple ruins of the lost city of Angkor. This is the first of a number of paintings that I intend to show at this years' Illuxcon in Allentown, PA due to the kind invite from Patrick Wilshire. In all of them I intend to fuse my present day approach to painting in oils with the more imaginative subject matter of my career as an illustrator. Oil on board 27" x 36". Previous posts on this blog show a step - by - step progress through the stages of this painting.

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