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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Terri 4 - stages 1 and 2

While "Stockbridge 6" dries between glazes I have moved on to another figurative painting that again is a continuation of a series began in 1996 when I was using a lot of different golds in my work at that time. I found this kind of work was not viable in terms of the prices they sold for compared to the amount of time it took to paint them so I ceased doing them and moved on to pastel (and digital) and of course later on to oil. Terri is the name of the model that I used to use a lot in those days and while I continue to experiment with some decorative figurative paintings I am using some old reference photographs from those days. After first being "drawn" up in Ultramarine Violet thinned with Liquin I applied a coat of Deep Ochre (again thinned with Liquin) and dropped bronze powder onto the wet paint which spread out when blown and brushed to form a uniform warm gold background.

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