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Thursday, 1 March 2012

Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition

Well it has come around again to that annual black hole of pointless expense and endeavour, yes the Summer Exhibition. It could be argued that I should just make a cheque out to Tracey Emin or Jeff Koons directly instead of going to the trouble of going through with painting, framing, transporting and then bringing back my rejected entry.  But here we go again and my current strategy is to try and get a small painting into the little room at the back where "traditional" work is consigned as a magnanimous gesture on their part on behalf of us dinosaurs that still paint representational pictures with some degree of skill. They have to be small as they are all crammed in together, anything larger not standing a chance of being hung in the large crony-curated galleries of the main exhibition.....Bitter moi? I have in my minds-eye the notion of smearing some turpsy red/brown oil paint around and then see what suggests itself to resolve out of the ensuing shapes. I will then develop it in colour although I intend to keep the design simple and strong probably with a strong light source and rich tonal colour. The two pictures below are possible contenders for developing further:

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