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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

The Lost Garden - First day

After a four day hiatus (see previous post) I am up and running again on a new painting. It is set in the grounds of Sudely Castle which I am going make into a cold winter snow scene. There will be a low sunburst on the horizon a third in from the left which will set off some nice yellows, oranges and sienna's on the nearest ruins in an otherwise cold picture made up of blues, blue/greens and violets. I intend to introduce some touches of sienna's and dull oranges into the foreground to give the painting more unity of colour and I see the whole picture being quite dabby in that I want broken lines and broken colour. The strong design will be offset by subdued light (apart from the sunburst) and broken line and colour so that it is more like a pattern. I want to try and evoke that muffled sound that the landscape has when covered in snow. Unfortunately I now have to be away until Saturday so I am unable to get on with it until effectively Sunday - kind of regretting that four day hiatus but I needed it to recharge batteries.

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