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Wednesday, 14 September 2016

New book - Dreamland now available

Earlier this year I won the Gemini Digital Colour Prize at the Artists Of The Year 2015 show at the Mall Galleries London. The competition was organised by Artists & Illustrators magazine and I won £500.00 of free digital printing which I used to print an initial run of a new book of an overview of my work from the last six years. Put together in inDesign by myself it incorporates some pages from an earlier book of my work now nearly sold out called [Re]View together with well over 50 pages of new work ranging from Imaginative Realism to Orientalism to Landscapes and beyond. It is called "Dreamland" and is an A4-sized true bound book with 80 pages all in full colour.
The postage costs plus a packing cost of £1.00 are £2.45 for the UK, £6.00 for the EU and £10.00 for the USA. Payment unless otherwise organised by Paypal.
Here are some sample spreads:


  1. One for the Christmas list methinks.

  2. Hi Neil, just let me know when you want one, the cost including postage and packing to the UK is £18.45 Second Class postage. Most people are using Paypal to pay me.